Accelerating Solutions for Climate Action at COP26

November 2020

In November 2020, over 30,000 international climate leaders and 200 heads of state will descend on Glasgow for the most important climate conference since the signing of the Paris Agreement.

For many, 2020 is seen as a major crossroads in the fight against existential climate crisis. The UNFCCC’s COP26 is seen as a central component for international cooperation and climate commitments – the likes of which we are yet to see.

The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020 will return to the COP for its 11th edition, calling for Governments and Private Sector leaders to make real, tangible commitments and set ambitious targets in order to accelerate the solutions for climate action. First held alongside COP16 in Cancún, Mexico, the Sustainable Innovation Forum is now recognised as the premium business-focused event during the UNFCCC’s annual Climate Change Conference.

As we move ever closer to the 1.5C limit, the 2020 Forum presents a critical opportunity for companies and governments to put their ambition into action. The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020 will be the largest and most ambitious programme since Paris 2015 where over 1500 delegates convened across a week of activity.

Climate Action invites you to be part of the solution at COP26 for the 11th Sustainable Innovation Forum 2020.


Key Themes

Circular Economy
Energy Transition
Sustainability Mobility
Natural Capital
Climate Finance
Tech & Innovation
Industry Transition
Sustainable Cities